Hikvision’s 1080p Turbo HD-TVI Enhance Local Pizzeria

No longer will pizza lovers have to wait for their sweet cheese and pepperoni! A case study by Hikvision showcases how a local pizza buffet in Fayetteville, NC utilized their 1080p Turbo HD-TVI Turret camera in order to improve cooking procedures and eliminate customer wait time.

Like any craving for Italy’s greatest delicacy, Fayetteville’s own Spinner’s Pizza desired improvement around the cooker. They needed a new strategy to combat customer wait time and while maintaining consistent freshness of orders. When chefs are caught up with customers and other small tasks, it can be strenuous to also double-check on pizzas that require round-the-clock attention.

Fortunately, the 1080p Turbo HD-TVI Turret, as well as a video monitor, has now become Spinner’s “Pizza Cam.” The camera’s crystal-clear, HD imaging of the entire buffet help associates handle food orders in a more efficient and ever ready manner. It also guarantees that even customers on a tight schedule can be properly served. Spinner’s Pizza owner Spero Poulos says that the installation of the 1080p Turbo HD-TVI ensures that the buffet is always stocked. Those who have an itch for delicious slices will hardly find themselves waiting around.

The full case study can be found on the official Hikvision website here. You can also find information about the 1080p Turbo HD-TVI Turret camera here.

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