HID Global Introduces FARGO Connect At ASIS 2017

HID Global, an Edge supplier and worldwide innovator of secure identity solutions, finally introduced the new HID FARGO Connect ID issuance platform at the ASIS 2017 Convention in Dallas, Texas.

After teasing the reveal for almost a week on Twitter, HID FARGO Connect has come front and center as HID Global’s latest effort in transforming old technology into intuitive and groundbreaking processes. This secure, cloud-based platform reinvents the way ID cards are issued by allowing for credentials to be made using any device via a web interface. HID FARGO Connect eliminates the need for PC workstations, IT resources, and software.

With this cloud-service comes “centralized” connectivity. Organizations and users will now have access to HID Global’s FARGO printers, mobile ID issuance service, encoders, web-based card designer, physical access control integration and much more. Not only does this all-for-one connection allow for a wide range of ID credential options, but it also empowers administrators who seek full control of their security and ID system.

Craig Sandness, Vice President and Managing Director of Secure Issuance with HID Global, notes that the HID FARGO Connect is a game changer.

“HID FARGO Connect is the biggest innovation that the ID card issuance industry has seen in more than a decade, and with it, HID is changing the way cards and credentials are issued forever,” Sandness said. “We’re turning HID FARGO printers into smart, secure, web-enabled, edge devices for the Internet of Trusted Things.”

HID Global notes that they’ve tested the HID FARGO Connect system by offering its services to college campuses such as Kent State University. Tasked with providing ID’s to thousands of students, the university has noted an improved student experience since using the platform.For more information on Kent State University’s HID Fargo Connect journey, you can watch an informative video here. For more information on HID Global, visit their website at https://www.hidglobal.com. For your local HID Global Edge distributor, visit our Edge Supplier Map!

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