Supplier Spotlight: HID Global

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’ll be covering HID Global, a supplier of high-tech security access products to a variety of sectors such as hospitals, airports, and schools.

When was the last time you had to prove your identity in order to access company information? Or received an employee identification badge at the new job? There’s a good chance that HID Global was behind the technology both of them. From Smart ID Cards for building access and government issued IDs to the toughest authentication software, HID Global’s approach to physical and digital access control is rooted within utilizing software-to-hardware integration in order to provide cost-effective, convenient and innovative solutions for clients.

Their most notable leading brands include Seos, iCLASS SE, standard iCLASS, Indala Prox access control system. The company also excels in providing visitor management, embedded credentials solutions and a wide range of RFID tag options for quality identification control.

Security Sales & Integration Magazine gave HID Global’s Location Services team an award for MVP at ISC West 2017. For more information on HID Global and its services, please check out their page here. You can also find your local HID distributor here.

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