Supplier Spotlight: Alpha Wire

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’re proud to be showcasing Alpha Wire, a dedicated supplier and manufacturer of wires and cables.

Alpha Wire was founded in 1922 in New York City, starting out by selling their line of wire straighteners to the millinery industry. Alpha grew to provide antenna wires and insulators for the radio industry in the early 1930s as well as introduce plastics as part of a new insulation method for wires and cables.

During the decades that have followed, Alpha seamlessly provided products to the booming computer industry in the 1980s, changed their marketing construct from independent to direct field sales force, and started up Alpha Wire International with facilities located outside London, serving all of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

From the innovative zero-halogen EcoWire® to multi-conductor cables, Alpha Wire now stands as one of the largest manufacturers of cable and wire.

For over 90 years, Alpha has stayed determined in providing high-end wires, cables, and wire management solutions while ensuring great customer service through product samples, flexible shipping and ordering parameters, and cable customization.

Alpha Wire’s latest connectivity product provides a safe and reliable end-to-end solution for combining sensors and actuators within a factory environment, also known as the Alpha Connect line. The Alpha Connect line includes splitters, field attachable connectors, passive distribution boxes, flexible cordsets, receptacle connectors, and custom connectivity solutions.

For more information on Alpha Wire, be sure to visit their website at You can find your local Alpha Wire Edge distributor here.

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