Monthly Archives: May 2017

Supplier Spotlight: Amprobe

Our next supplier spotlight focuses on Amprobe, a manufacturer that provides clamp meters, multimeters and other useful measurement tools for electricians and technicians who troubleshoot heating, venting, and air conditioning applications. Amprobe has taken a giant step since it began production in 1948, where they started selling their inductive clamp meter under the Pyramid Instrument […]

Belden Inc. Cables Gain LP Certification

In their latest press release, signal transmissions solutions provider and Edge supplier Belden Inc. has announced that many of its cables have received Limited Power (LP) certification, which designates that their cables are able to carry the identified amount of current per conductor under certain conditions without exceeding the cable temperature rating. The news is […]

Supplier Spotlight: Duracell (Canada)

Today’s supplier spotlight features the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end alkaline batteries, Duracell (Canada). From being a part of the 1969 Apollo 13 mission on the moon to the 1970 introduction of its trademark black and copper colors, Duracell is no stranger to spotlights. Their batteries have integrated into our everyday lives without fail and […]

Supplier Spotlight: Amphenol RF

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’re going to be taking a look at Amphenol RF, a subsidiary of Amphenol— one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products. Headquartered in Danbury, CT, Amphenol RF largely focuses on supplying coaxial connectors as well as adapters and other cable assemblies for the broadcast industry. Amphenol’s Statistical Process Control mechanism […]

Supplier Spotlight: Azco Technologies Inc.

Our supplier spotlight for today features Azco Technologies Inc, a supplier that excels in product variety and innovative customer support. Azco Technologies heavily deals with manufacturing of CCTV, security, A/V, data com, and accessory products. From HDMI and video cables to dome surveillance cameras, their Blaine, WA and Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada warehouse gives them […]

Supplier Spotlight: Atherton Electronics Corp.

Atherton Electronics Corp, a supplier of CCTV monitoring systems, takes the supplier spotlight for this week. Atherton Electronics has worked for more than 27 years to provide security, loss prevention, audio, video and digital signage solutions on a nationwide level.  Companies who partner with Atherton are granted benefits more on the competitive end than other […]