Supplier Spotlight: Duracell (Canada)

Today’s supplier spotlight features the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end alkaline batteries, Duracell (Canada).

From being a part of the 1969 Apollo 13 mission on the moon to the 1970 introduction of its trademark black and copper colors, Duracell is no stranger to spotlights. Their batteries have integrated into our everyday lives without fail and often without us realizing it, which has propelled them to grand prominence and success.

While they may be just as accessible and applicable to other brands, Duracell has effectively made their product to appear like they’re entirely in their own lane.

From joysticks and flashlights to heavy-duty vehicles and warehouse tools, Duracell’s catalog of batteries serves the need of those who require power. In each of their batteries, Duracell constantly incorporates dependable, cutting-edge technologies that offer long-lasting endurance. The same technology has also sparked many of the company’s firsts.

The world watched as Duracell’s batteries were the first used to land on the moon. Eyes lit up as they became first to help turn on many of today’s regularly-used electrical systems and appliances.  It is thanks to Duracell’s batteries and its integrated technology that they’re able to provide innovative marketing power-up solutions for themselves, thus molding their batteries to become something of a worldwide standard.

While Duracell’s 9V, AA, and AAA alkaline batteries have become a simple item to check off the list, it’s often easy to forget that our watches and garage door openers are powered by their ever-charged coin batteries or that their hearing-aid batteries make the difference between almost hearing nothing to hearing everything.

While their batteries are a primary priority, Duracell also offers products to keep you going. Whether it’s providing a brightly lit hiking trail under the night sky through landscape lighting or providing the right amount of illumination during electrical work through trusty headlamps, Duracell provides plenty of solutions. For those arduous times when a vehicle breaks down, Duracell power solutions are available. Thanks to their Duracell Power line, the company is able to provide jumper cables, car battery chargers and a small selection of power inverters, converters, and backup power units.

For more information on Duracell, be sure to visit their website at  For your local Duracell Edge distributor, you can search the Edge Supplier Map.

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