Supplier Spotlight: Amprobe

Our next supplier spotlight focuses on Amprobe, a manufacturer that provides clamp meters, multimeters and other useful measurement tools for electricians and technicians who troubleshoot heating, venting, and air conditioning applications.

Amprobe has taken a giant step since it began production in 1948, where they started selling their inductive clamp meter under the Pyramid Instrument Company. Their clamp meter, originally named Amprobe, was patented in 1950 and dubbed as the first of many new tool inventions brought forth by the company.

Out of the 500 items in their inventory, the clamp meter and the wire tracer were first introduced to the world by Amprobe, tools that electricians continue to use to this day. Among them followed several more products, making the company one of the few to consistently introduce refreshing measurement solutions. It continues to be the company’s strongest attribute.

Amprobe moved to employ more manufacturing locations in New York and Florida as well as a headquarters in Washington, all within a matter of decades. In the midst of these transformations, Amprobe remained in tune with their company goals and values, both of which centered on providing handy and accessible test tools for applications put out by industrial, commercial and residential industries.

Currently, Amprobe’s Residential Digital Multimeter is among a collection of its popular products. The tool is specially made for recording and measuring receptacles, switches and extension cords as well as its ability to efficiently double-check light bulbs and fuses.

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