Supplier Spotlight: DYMO

Barcode tags and product labels are crucial to the final stages of packaging. That’s why today’s supplier spotlight will cover DYMO, an Edge supplier that specializes in embossing products.

The art of labeling has been the foundation of DYMO’s core since its 1958 start in Berkeley, California. Whether you’re mailing a box of goodies off to a friend or trying to make a specific barcode for a cable wire, the company easily provides printing and labeling solutions to fit every industry and situation.

With their MobileLabeler, perfectly arranging the pantry or tagging your name on certain belongings within shared spaces can be done in a snap. Additionally, parents and their kids can learn a fun lesson on responsibility for belongings thanks to the Organizer Xpress, a brightly-colored labeling system equipped with turn-and-click functionality.

Just as seamlessly, DYMO has also tapped into the electric industry and has since been able to deliver products that create barcodes for wires, cables, networking, MRO and networking components. Based on the positive reviews on their website, electricians and contractors find many of DYMO’s labeling products contribute to increased productivity and accuracy.

The company also believes in worker and civilian safety. For instance, their XTL 500 label machine allows users to make their own labels for hazard alerts and warning signs thanks to pre-loaded templates as well as a touchscreen for easy editing.

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