Supplier Spotlight: Bright Way Group

Up next for our supplier spotlight this week is Bright Way Group, a distributor of power batteries.

Bright Way Group’s catalog of products includes a variety of products that meet productivity needs of various applications. Its CP-Series Seal Lead Acid batteries are most convenient for maintaining productivity in electrical measurement systems. The battery is also applicable to control equipment, alarm systems, and security applications.

Their catalog also includes batteries that we use each and every day, from coin cell batteries that power up our wrist watches to lithium batteries for our remote controls. Bright way also offers high-performing, water-resistant seal factory power batteries for watersport vehicles.

While the company heavily regards battery distribution as a top priority, their battery recycling services is also a large part of their business focus. With years of experience dealing in nationwide commercial disposal, Bright Way Group expertly delivers battery recycling and transportation of used lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries no matter how big or small the load sizes are. This transportation service also allows for recycling of all chemistries and detailed documentation provided to clients that elaborate on how to navigate through the recycling risks and liabilities.

Bright Way’s 3PL Support Services offer logistics partnership with other businesses by helping companies improves their logistics methods. The service currently offers and guarantees competitive rates for their Full Truckload (FTL), Less Than Truckload (LTL) and small parcel transportation options.

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For your local Edge Bright Way Group distributor, you can find a store near you by checking out our Edge distributor map.

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