Supplier Spotlight: KGP Logistics

Telecommunications and supply chain management supplier KGP Logistics joins us as today’s Supplier Spotlight.

KPG Logistics possess years of expertise in supply chain services, communication products, transformation solutions and telecommunications platforms. The business is certified as a Women Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

KGP works with a variety of clients, from network operators and contractors to cloud service providers and equipment manufacturers. The company currently manages equipment distributed by providers, with products that target needs for digital home, power plants, fiber electronics and other electrical goods.

Recently, KGP’s Acting Vice President of Sales in MSO Markets Bob Foote was inducted into the Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers Hall of Fame, an accolade given to those who showcase outstanding contributions to the cable and telecommunications sector. Additionally, KGP also received the Outstanding Performance in Diversity Award from Ericsson, one of the industry-leading providers of wireless networks and technology.

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