Supplier Spotlight: Orion Fans

Orion Fans, a division of Knight Electronics Incorporated of Dallas, TX, is this week’s Supplier Spotlight.

With their large supply of quality filters, blowers and fans, Orion has been an admirable and valuable Edge supplier since 1996.

Orion Fans was built with the goal of providing a wide array of AC and DC fans, fan trays, and other high-performance specialty accessories. By securing in-house facilities in the US and China, Orion Fans is able to lower production expenses as well as inventory carrying costs for their customer base. Additionally, their in-house engineering also helps them with fast customer requests and increase the quality of their inventory.

Orion Fan products are customizable upon request and are specialized for use with appliances, computers, industrial, med-labs, telecommunications, and other platforms.

According to Orion Fans Vice President of Marketing David Luna, their recently released AC Fan Speed Control “gives users the ability to control airflow for a bank of fan trays or set of fans so that they can set fan speed,” allowing for possible noise, energy and cost reduction.

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