Supplier Spotlight: Pico Of Canada

For today’s Supplier Spotlight, we’re proud to be presenting Pico of Canada.

Pico of Canada has specialized in terminal and wire distribution since the late 70’s and provided an extensive inventory of parts that are compatible with marine, home, and electronic appliances. Pico also maintains astounding attention to customer services by planting sales representatives in various Canadian provinces in order to assess specific product requirements and needs for a project. A good chunk of their products also include circuit breakers, batteries, power sockets, adapters, shrink tubes, solder slugs, booster cables and fuse holders.

Pico of Canada currently has a line of newly added water resistant fuse holders, micro fuse links and 800 Amp reach style clamps to their catalog.

For more information about Pico of Canada and their products, be sure to check out their website at

To find your local Pico of Canda distributor, please visit the Edge Distributor Map.

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