Supplier Spotlight: Belden Incorporated

For today’s Supplier Spotlight, we’re proud to feature Belden Incorporated, a supplier of network connectivity products, and the manufacturer of the award-winning REVConnect Termination Tool.

Belden’s cabling solutions and products are tailored for industrial, enterprise, energy, broadcast, and security applications. They are key catalysts for fueling productivity in oil and gas or ensure continuous live coverage on TV news stations. They even provide networking routers. made to network your industrial devices and controllers, control room, remote manufacturing sites; or any other seamless connection for your OEM needs.

Belden has a large catalog of high-grade signal transmission products for data, sound and video applications. Belden’s newest product, the award-winning RJ45 REVConnect system has been innovatively designed to streamline the cable and termination process. This product comes in singular and bulk packs of shielded or un-shielded jacks and plugs that can be switched out on the fly as well as the universal termination tool for swift cable crimping. The REVConnect system supports all Category 5e, 6, and 6A cables and maintains IP convergence over a range of applications.

The “REV” acronym in REVConnect stands for “Reliable, Easy, and Versatile,” which also speaks to the system’s ease of use. REVConnect recently received the “2017 Connector and Terminating Devices Category Winner Award” from Electrical Construction & Maintenance, marking its fourth award with the publication. Belden has even published a video showcasing its groundbreaking accessibility.

If you’d like to find out more about Belden and its expansive brands, visit their website at

To find your local Edge Belden supplier, visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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