Supplier Spotlight: Bogen Communications

Today’s supplier spotlight features Bogen Communications, a subsidiary of Bogen Corporations and a distributor of telephone, intercom and audio systems.

If your workplace benefits from having an intercom system, it’s likely that Bogen has played a part in making that happen. The same goes for when schools need speakers, microphones and intercom communications. From telephone paging systems to audio electronics, Bogen delivers quality multi-channel communication and sound products to commercial, industrial and institutional businesses and organizations. Much of its genuine and customer-driven approach to delivering these products came from the company’s founder David Bogen and his adamant approach to life.

A Russian immigrant in America with a drive to succeed, David committed to seven years of eight-hour work days and strenuous night classes in hopes of earning an electrical engineering degree. Following his degree acquisition from Copper Union in 1918, David decided to become his own boss. While his undying interest in electrical distribution led him to initiate the David Bogen Company, a sharp influx of orders for audio amplifiers quickly garnered the company new profit opportunities, followed by a rise into a manufacturing role in 1932. Through the newfound success, the business extended beyond the troubling economic landscape in the early 1930s and well into the Hi-Fi era.

As David Bogen’s passion for the business grew, so did Bogen Communication’s accolades, such as forming a joint business venture that grew into Bogen-Presto Recording Company, sparking subsidiaries and providing audio products that would be used by The United States Armed Forces during World War II.

Still operating several 85 years later, Bogen Communications has expanded their product line since being acquired by Memory Protection Devices. It has since been focusing on providing products and solution services relating to intercom communication, signaling, and media control. Bogen’s “Application” page on their website showcases several case study articles, each of which showcases how they provide their services for theme parks and school campuses. You can find these articles here.

Bogen Communications recently showed off their NYQUIST IP Communication system, an adaptable two-way data communication platform that utilizes “IP phones and purpose-built Nyquist appliances.” Their latest product from the NYQUIST IP line is the Nyquist E7000, which is specially optimized for university and school systems. You can find more info about Bogen’s NYQUIST IP system here.

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