Supplier Spotlight: Fluke Corporation

Today’s Supplier Spotlight focuses on Fluke Corporation, a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation and the largest supplier of testing and measurement materials for the electric and industrial industry.

Founded in 1948, the Fluke Corporation knew that troubleshooting and measurement tools were products worth selling. As they stand now with manufacturing facilities planted across the globe and an extensive increase in their product catalog, Fluke has been able to tap into the industrial electric, maintenance and quality control markets. From clamp meters and earth ground testers to thermal imagers, each product can provide users accurate measurement readings and an intuitive, error-free experience.

Some of their newest products include the Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator, a portable measurement tool that aims to remedy the complexity and time-consuming nature of pressure calibration. Once the user has identified their target pressure, the calibrator’s electric pump can swiftly provide generation and regulation of pressure. The tool can also scan and analyze multiple pressure test points, as well.

As Fluke’s products continue to excel in quality and productivity, the company’s newly established training services located on their web page aims to catapult their customers toward achieving success out in the field by standing alongside them.


Their training services include tutorial videos, manual pages and online classes provided to those interested in learning how tools work as well as how they can be applied. Their Test Tools Basics page for Clamp Meters, for example, allow users to compare and contrast between transformer, Half Effect, and flexible-type meters and to choose the correct one based on the job environment. Users can also learn some of the clamp meter’s basic uses and button functions.

Other reliable training resources from Fluke include in-depth Online E-Learning Courses. Each of these courses, which are available to those who register online, are specially crafted by industry professionals and subject matter experts. By allowing experts to provide knowledge about the tools they use and information on how to make practical use of them, the online courses serve as a genius avenue for electrical contractors just starting out as well as intermediates who need a quick refresher.

Case in point, one of the starting online courses focus entirely on safety procedures while others delve into specific products, such as the Digital Multimeter Basics Online Course. This basics course provides a two-hour breakdown on how voltage measurements work as well as all of the digital multimeter’s functions and specifications.



However, this course is just a slice of the cake. Other courses such as electrical safety, measurement basics, and test tool basics are ready for those who want to dive in. Users who are interested in learning more about measurement tools and networking with like-minded individuals should consider exploring industry-driven trade shows and events or enter rewarding student contests. Each part of Fluke’s training program is made for users of all levels.

While the company has primarily focused on providing test equipment, they are also well into developing products and solutions for healthcare and cable network industries, as evident with their sister counterparts Fluke Biomedical and Fluke Networks.

Fluke was named the Top Key Vendor for the 2017 Global Multifunction Calibrators Market in the latest, worldwide Multifunction Calibrators Market report, proving that the company remains to be one of the top industry leaders, year after year.

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