Supplier Spotlight: Greenlee

Today’s Supplier Spotlight features Greenlee, a subsidiary of Textron and supplier of professional tools geared toward the electrical, utility and communications industries.

In the beginning, Greenlee provided woodwork services before they moved onto the electrical tools market. The company remains committed to letting the ever-changing nature of their target market be opportunities for new ideas and innovation.

Under the guidance of their father Edmund, the Greenlee brothers Robert & Ralph grew to develop their mechanical proficiency while working on the family farm. As the first oil-well entered their region, the Greenlee brothers saw this as an opportunity to sell storage barrels and barrel machines to those who wanted to store their own oil or ship grains and meat. With proven local success in sales, they moved their business to Chicago where they found more market opportunities.


This mindset managed to seep through the company’s later years and even well beyond its merge with Textron in 1986. Though the collaboration sparked a shift in direction of product interest—tools for data, telecommunications, electric testing, wiring, and wire management—it allowed Greenlee to maintain its knack for product innovation based on customer demand and market trends.

From fiber optic cables and clamp meters to cable termination strippers & crimp cutters, Greenlee continues to meet the needs of its consumers. Currently, some of their featured products include the G6 Turbo 6000 LB Cable Puller, a product that is specially designed to help electrical contractors carry out cables or wires through the conduit and inside tray without injury risks or time restraints. While the puller can operate at an impressively fast speed, its special attribute lies in the footswitch, which ensures the operator’s well-being while managing the device’s motor power. Setup and takedown is a breeze. It only takes around 60 seconds both ways thanks to its intuitive, ergonomic design, which allows for easy lifting during the assembly. The product also comes with a circuit breaker, which is able to automatically and safely turn off the system.

Additionally, the company’s assortment of tool bags answers the call for proper instrument assembly solutions. Their Professional Tool & Tech Backpack includes two zipper compartments purely made for handling a large collection of pliers, screwdrivers and clamp meter instruments for electrical and industrial work. Users are able to personalize the backpack with their name upon ordering.

When it comes to ways to learn more about certain products and installation procedures, there are plenty with Greenlee University. In addition to extensive, on-demand webinars and training modules, Greenlee-U also provides three different in-person classes. The Open Distributor Product Sales School is a 3 and a half day overview of top product sellers as well as the market value of Greenlee’s products. Those seeking to earn the title of an approved warranty repair person would join either Greenlee’s Electrical Service School or Utility Services School, both of which goes over repair procedures for existing Greenlee products.

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