The Edge List: Indoor Surveillance Cameras

If you’ve been seeking a camera device to capture all the action while you’re asleep or away, we’ve compiled a small list of some of the best indoor surveillance cameras in the market.

These picks are assigned in no particular order. We’ve included entries from commercial markets to some of the best industry recommended products. We’ve also made sure to consider the types of indoor settings in which these cameras are meant to perform. So, whether it’s inside a home or at the workplace, all of these options are sure to work.

Nest Cam by Nest:

The Nest Cam captures a critical moment when it matters most, thanks to its Nest App, which allows for special “Nest Aware” phone alerts, 24/7 streaming and pictures of critical events as they happen.

In regards to crisp picture quality, the Nest Cam possess 1080p video, wide angle view at 130 degrees and an all glass lens. This particularly miniature surveillance camera is wireless and compact, which means that it can be placed or mounted anywhere in the home. Users have the choice between buying one or the 3-camera pack for extra options and security.

You can find the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera on the official product website at


3 Megapixel Plug & Play Dome by InVid Tech:

Once users connect InVid Tech’s small, but powerful 3 Megapixel Plug & Play Dome to a PoE switch and stream, they will be able to access quality 30FPS streaming at both 1080 and 720p resolution, as well as integrated motion detection and tampering alarm reporter to NVR. The Plug & Play Dome is accessible for both home and workplace, which is great for keeping perpetrators at bay.

Other specs of the device include a built in input/output microphone, an assortment of fixed lens options tailored to your specific surveillance needs, smart IR control that automatically adjusts to bright and dark areas and other OSD capability features.

You can get your hands on the the 3 Megapixel Plug & Play Dome by visiting the official product website at


2.8mm Lens 3MP Mini Dome Camera by Hikvision:

Compared to other indoor and outdoor IP Cameras sold by Hikvision, the 3 Megapixel Mini Dome is notably smaller and compact, but reviews on Amazon note that the product is just as powerful as other leading domes. The Mini Dome comes fully equipped with a 2.8mm lens allowing for a wider survey scope. It also contains real-time 1080p video output with day and night IR vision for 24/7 enhanced picture quality.

Users looking for a well-balanced security camera that can be placed safely and securely both inside and outside of the home should take note of the dome’s vandal proof and waterproof housing, perfect for withstanding weather and tampering.

Want more info? Be sure to check out the product on


HomeCam HD by Manhattan:

Manhattan’s HomeCam HD, is a surveillance camera that allows you to get a view of your home space while you’re away. The device includes a built in microphone, allowing users to talk to intruders through the camera to let them know that you’re seeing everything.

The HomeCam HD is sleekly structured, with its globe-like design and pan tilt motor for easy camera adjustment. Other specs of the camera include an IR-LED light for night vision and a 355-degree pan-tilt functionality.

For more info about Manhattan’s HomeCam HD, be sure to visit


Sarix™ IMP Environmental Mini Dome by Pelco:

For top-notch surveillance assistance in your corporate building or workplace, Pelco’s Environmental Mini Dome camera from their Sarix IMP Series lets nothing go unwatched. This top-of-the-line, the industry-grade surveillance camera is able to present up to 5 megapixels of resolution and capture 30 images per second at 3 megapixels, the cameras have no problem providing zoom in and zoom out functionality in various long range and wide angle situations.

It’s extremely cutting-edge color science and mechanical IR cut filter helps the mini dome to produce high picture and video quality in low-light environments. Motion detection functionality, a primary asset to ensuring security while everyone is away, also serves as one of the mini dome’s stand-out and reliable feature.

More information about the Sarix IMP Environment Mini Dome can be found on

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