Supplier Spotlight: Energizer

Whether its handheld game systems, multimeters or electrical utility tools, our search for dedicated battery power never ends. Providing such quality power sources is a passion that drives one Edge supplier that’s grown to become a worldwide, leading manufacturer known for AA batteries. We’re proud to feature Energizer in today’s Supplier Spotlight.

Long before Energizer’s pink bunny with a pair of shades, sandals and a bass drum became synonymous with long-lasting batteries, they were previously known as Eveready and notably responsible for inventions in the industry. From small, silver oxide hearing aid batteries to bulky, but powerful 9-Volts, Eveready’s introduction of new, commercial-ready products and inventions grew ever present as decades pressed on.

Energizer is a pioneer of firsts. W.H. Lawrence’s invention of the first consumer dry cell battery back in the 1890’s to Conrad Hubert’s first handheld flashlight in 1898, Eveready’s innovative inventions served as a giant spark for the industry and blazed forward in the 1950s and 60s.

The late 80’s and early 90’s, however, saw bigger and better discoveries. Eveready vowed to add long lasting power to ensure product longevity, hence their “Energized for life” a slogan that jumpstarted a new brand and eventually a company name change. From then on, AA lithium batteries, AAA alkaline batteries, AAA lithium batteries and other battery types from Energizer flooded the shelves.

As we enter back into current times, it’s no surprise to see Energizer still standing. Their library of batteries has grown exceptionally, but their growth comes with innovation and an expansion of products that meet the needs of consumers.

From Energizer MAX to Energizer Weatheready, their large list of products also offer consumers the reliability they search for while caught in a crunch. Among their generator line, Energizer’s latest releases include the eZV3200P and the eZV2000P generators from the EZV Series. Ideal for camping, underground and electrical job sites, as well as backup power for the home, the 3200P can be powered up with a remote and includes a single-outlet parallel port. The port can connect up to two generators thus increasing its power. The generators are also lightweight, making it easier for technicians to transfer from one workstation to the next.

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