Supplier Spotlight: B&W International

Today’s supplier spotlight features B&W International, a global manufacturer headquartered at Ibbenbüren, Germany. This supplier specializes in providing bags and cases with multiple purposes, subsequently meeting the needs of various industries.

With so many carrying cases in the market, it can be challenging to find a dependable one. For B&W International, their cases and bags capitalize on where others have fallen short. Manufactured in Jiaxing, China, each of their products sport a modern and sleek look while maintaining strong practical use and long-term value. B&W creates “sophisticated and modern case solutions of high quality and functionality.” To ensure that these solutions stay sophisticated, all of their bags and cases are kept at a high, German standard and are made with longevity and durability in mind. Their products succeed in a variety of industries on a global scale, especially in the world of electrical maintenance.


While some of B&W International’s carrying cases can pack flying camera drones and outdoor sporting bikes, their library also includes reliable solutions for storing tools such as multimeters, wire cutters and wrenches, screwdrivers and other technician-approved equipment. Those who choose these type of cases are eligible for customization, such as nameplates, configurable inserts, colored piping, and custom logo embossing. The Jet 5000, for example, is made with hardened polypropylene exterior, with an option to include a sponge interior. With both intact, the case can withstand heavy impact and protect the items inside. The exterior also keeps away dust and water in order to avoid damage and corrosion to belongings. Just about any tool imaginable has a place in one of 20-plus pocket slots.

In the same fashion, B&W’s Rhino rolling case and Carry technician bag deliver the same quality of performance in innovative ways. The former shares some similarities with the Jet 5000 and its hard-cased design. However, the Rhino brilliantly adds a tool board with adjustable storage slots for larger items such as hammers, pliers, and bulkier multimeters. The Carry technician bag is equally effective as its hard-cased counterparts. Made with splash-proof nylon, this bag greatly complements the tool pockets located on its exterior. For contractors constantly on the go, the padded shoulder strap on the Carry bag allows for easier lifting without any stress on the hands or shoulders.

B&W’s Outdoor Case line is just as powerful. Each product from this line guarantees the top-notch protection of your items thanks to their impeccable resistance to harsh weather. From blistering cold winds to scorching hot humidity, worries of items freezing or overheating are completely gone with this product in possession. Equipped with impact resistance and polypropylene waterproof exterior, the Type 3000 case is perfect for photojournalists. Complete with optional pre-cut foam or divided pads, spacing can be personalized and used to micro-manage the placing of the DSLR cameras, lenses, and attachments. For Go-Pro cameras and smartphones, the same amount of temperature resistance and protection quality can be found B&W’s GoPro Hero series and the Type 200 smartphone case respectively.

Are you looking for complete and reliable protection for your belongings? Looking for a bag or case that can get the job done? Consider investing into a B&W International product today! For more information on B&W International’s products, please visit For your local Edge B&W International distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.


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