The Edge List: Wireless Routers

With so many types of wireless routers out there, it can be hard to find a guaranteed fit. Lucky for you, our dedicated Edge suppliers have the best of the best when it comes to delivering internet access to e-mail, online documents, and YouTube videos. If you’re in the market for new a wireless connection, our Edge List features a handful of choices!

Our lineup features products that are geared toward homes with large families while others are just right for the office. Some entries in this list will prioritize speed and while others focus on more than one way to connect. None of these routers are assigned in any particular order because we strongly believe each router is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

TRENDnet – AC1750 Dual-Band Wireless Router

Voted as “Editor’s Choice” for PC Magazine, TRENDnet’s Dual-Band Wireless router prioritizes high speed and wide wireless coverage thanks to the device’s high-power amplifiers and swift wireless connection at 1750 Mbps. These two perks alone satisfy the requirements for a large family home or an office engrossed with assignments. The AC1750 also includes a pre-encrypted WPA2 password right out the box, as well as parental controls. This brilliantly takes the guesswork out of the installation process. Those who desire full control of the content viewed in their living space will find value in this product.

For more information about the AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router’s specifications, visit TrendNet’s official website at

Black Box – Wireless Broadband Router 802.11ac

Simple, sleek and secure, the Wireless Broadband Router 802.11ac from Black Box  serves as a cost-effective solution to eliminating lag and network hiccups. The router is backed by two bands that allow for a balance of wireless connectivity without interruption. As the 2.4-GHz band maintains operation during simple web browsing and e-mails, the 5-GHz band is strong enough to handle online gaming, HD video streaming services, and other bandwidth-hogging applications. Black Box’s 802.11ac router also allows one-touch WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication and TKIP/EAS encryption. The device itself comes with Gigabit wired connections for lightning-fast transfer speeds and two detachable antennas for enhanced wireless coverage.

Find out more about Black Box’s Wireless Broadband Router 802.11ac by visiting their official website at

Channel Vision – 4 Port Wireless N Router C-0554

With so much work going on in the office, network shutdowns are simply unacceptable. Take wireless connectivity to the next level with Channel Vision’s 4 Port Wireless N Router C-0554. With four different ports capable of distributing high-speed wireless connectivity of up to 300Mbps, users can maintain hassle-free network stability. Those who have enclosure racks can surely find a place for the C-0554, as it comes with push and lock pins for easy mounting. This router also comes fully equipped with WPS switch button for secure encryption. It also includes integrated bandwidth control, which allows users to allocate usage to certain PCs and devices.

For more information about Channel Vision’s 4 Port Wireless N Router, please visit their official website at

Legrand NuVo – Desktop 802.11N Wireless Router

Legrand’s Nuvo brand greatly specializes in several connectivity solutions, especially ones that demand wired connectivity. That’s why their Desktop 802.11N Wireless Router comes with four Ethernet switch ports that provide continuous productivity to more than one device. With two antennas stretched out from the router’s base for maximum coverage and rapid Wi-Fi speed at 300Mbps, this router serves as a great addition to Ethernet switches. NuVo also carries 5 to 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switches. Both devices bring forth the same flexibility and speeds for wired connections, so it’s best to try a combination of these products to find the best results.

For more information on the Desktop 802.11N Wireless Router from Legrand’s Nuvo brand, visit their official website at

IC Intracom – AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band Router

Are you having trouble managing your bandwidth usage? There’s a wireless router out there that helps users smoothen the process. From IC Intracom’s Manhattan brand, the AC1200 Wireless Dual-Band Router comes with a special Quality of Service bandwidth measurement program that monitors and  controls network traffic for various users and applications. Manhattan’s Dual Band Router also features four Ethernet ports for those who desire wired connections and an easy-to-use setup via the Manhattan ExpressWay™ utility. Users who purchase this router are also eligible for a three-year warranty.

For more information on IC Intracom’s Dual-Band Router, please visit

Have you found a router that fits your situation? Are you ready for enhanced wireless connectivity? Be sure to take at our Edge Supplier Map to find your local distributor.

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