HID To Showcase Mobile App At Dubai Conference

Global identity solutions supplier HID Global is set to take the stage at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai to showcase their Approve App.

HID Approve is a mobile-driven, two-step authentication system that guides a user through a safe and secure platform tailored for requesting information access and finalizing transactions. The app works hand-in-hand with ActivID Authentication Server for infrastructure support. Utilizing key-based cryptography and push notifications, HID Global guarantees a secure, seamless experience that users can customize to their liking.

With GITEX 2017, HID Global recognizes the opportunity to bring HID Approve forward to audiences seeking a better way to lessen the chances of unauthorized access to sensitive material. Global Sales Vice President Miguel Braojos notes that companies who are especially looking to maximize the uses of IoT applications will find HID Approve to be a great fit.

“Trusted identities are increasingly being employed to help organizations secure, customize and enhance the user experience across a growing range of industry segments that are embracing the power of the IoT,” Braojos said. “GITEX gives us a platform to educate organizations on benefits of the solution that help their customers to be more confident and have more control over who is accessing their confidential and proprietary information.”

HID Global will put on a showcase of their Trusted Identity and Access Management solutions, where the HID Approve app and the HID Location services will go through a series of demonstrations. Each walkthrough will allow GITEX goers the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the app.

GITEX 2017 is being held at the Dubai World Trade Center and is expected to run through the week. For more information about the Approve app or any other of HID Global’s identity and security solutions, please visit hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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