Supplier Spotlight: IDEAL Industries

Our supplier spotlight for this week focuses on IDEAL INDUSTRIES Incorporated. They have served the electrical maintenance industry for over 90 years.Through their innovative and iconic products, they continue to expand to various industries through dedicated subsidiaries and loyalty to assist electrical maintenance professionals.

Founded by J. Walter Becker, IDEAL INDUSTRIES has been a family-owned solutions provider to electricians, contractors, mechanics, data communication specialists and other industry professionals since 1916. Although IDEAL remains in place at their Sycamore, Illinois corporate office, they maintain their global success and utilize its seven subsidiaries to provide solutions to electrical, wire processing, construction, data communications and aerospace sectors.

IDEAL Electrical is the leading brand that caters to the aforementioned variety of industries and is largely known for their ergonomic Wire-Nut Connectors. It’s also home to the annual National Championship tournament that aims to find the best electrician in America. Competitors have the opportunity to participate as an individual or with a team in a series of challenges that require the use of IDEAL tools, all for the chance to win over $500,000 in cash and prizes.

IDEAL Networks is the product of a Wavetek and Trend Communications merging plan in 2010. The merge allowed for measurement tools for the data cable, network and telecom applications to be provided to users around the world. Western Forge, SK Hand Tools, Pratt-Read Tools and A&L Handles specialize in providing American-made screwdrivers, blades, wrenches, chisels and other hand tools for professionals in the automotive and construction field. In contrast, Anderson Power Products (APP) specializes in electrical and connectivity products for industries pertaining to telecom, IT, AC/DC and alternative energy.

With many avenues covered, IDEAL INDUSTRIES Chairman & CEO Jim James attributes IDEAL’s success with the decision to keep services and products home grown. “We’ve invested in several large projects that are going to bring this company to a whole new level, and that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have the type of family ownership that we have,” James said.

Some of their featured products include their SignalTek NT Network Transmission Tester from their APP line. It has the ability to assist with troubleshooting data cabling and Ethernet networks through Gigabit transmission rates. Special features include voltage display via PoE/PoE+ verification and a stress test for potential bandwidth-hogging systems.

When it comes to their products, IDEAL INDUSTRIES thrives off of innovation, and the same can be said for their solutions for large-scale projects. IDEAL has seen the completion of many of these projects already, such as the lunar landing module components for NASA’s “giant leap for mankind” or Commander Richard Byrd’s request for fuse pullers to assist in his second expedition to Antarctica. The same can be said in modern times. Their Audacy Advanced Wireless Energy Management System, for example, allows for full lighting control of entire rooms, buildings and stadiums with little set up beforehand. Audacy saw installments in several Los Angeles facilities before its implementation inside Chicago’s renovated Wrigley Stadium. The installation took place late last year for Wrigley Field’s 30,000-square foot clubhouse and the Chicago Cub’s fitness center.

“The partnership with Audacy has been great,” Wrigley Field Vice President Carl Rice said. “We are able to easily set lighting parameters for optimal impact and energy conservation [and] easily make adjustments based on event type, game delays, and energy usage patterns from a tablet or mobile phone.”

Isn’t it time to take the next step in bringing innovative products into your project? Want more electrical and data communications solutions that fit your daily needs? You can learn more about obtaining IDEAL INDUSTRIES products by visiting their website To find your local Edge IDEAL INDUSTRIES distributor, please look at the Edge Supplier Map.

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