Tech Data Provides “30 Days To Cloud” To Partners

Tech Data, the worldwide distributor of technology products and services, has announced that it will be opening its “30 Days to Cloud Analytics” program to all of its U.S. and Canadian partners.

The program utilizes market-leading enterprise cloud data management and consolidation in order to help clients manage customer workloads. Tech Data also says that the “30 Days to Cloud Analytics” program can tear down market barriers and allow partners to fully capture opportunities within the cloud analytics sector. This is especially powerful considering that the cloud is shaping up to the go-to platform as businesses head into 2018.

“Our ’30 Days to Cloud Analytics’ offering lowers capital barriers and time-to-ROI for partners by providing a proven, repeatable cloud data migration and integration framework for their clients,” Tech Data Vice President of Data Analytics and Internet of Things Colin Blair said. “By adding this tool to our partners’ arsenals, Tech Data provides them with the best solutions for cloud analytics and a way to accelerate their deployments.”

The program gives Tech Data partners the freedom to leverage trends in cloud pricing models, which then opens the door for easier accessibility and less time for in-house development. Tech Data says that it plans to tackle the challenge of hybrid data management head-on once clients have decided to transfer their workload to the cloud platform. Compounded with other existing solutions, they are also confident in the program’s ability to catapult clients towards achieving business goals.

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