Hikvision Heads Yangon Traffic Management Solution

In an effort to minimize traffic accidents, the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) of Yangon, Myanmar has elected Hikvision, a worldwide supplier of video surveillance technology, to install a city-wide integrated traffic management solution.

The lift on economic sanctions in 2011 saw the rise of vehicles on Yangon roads. Unfortunately, it has also led to more traffic violations and intensified vehicle collisions, most of which turn out to be fatal. To combat this, YCDC delivered a call to any company who could assist with the issue. Hikvision stepped up to the challenge, offering up their Intelligent Video Management System, which is specially designed for traffic management. From vehicle checkpoints and violation detections to video surveillance, parking detection, and data integration, the ITS utilizes a myriad of applications to hunker down on Yangon’s major issues found on its roadways and intersections.

Its Traffic Guidance Display monitors, for example, guide drivers via traffic statuses. This is done to de-clutter the city’s congested hot spots. Additionally, there is ITS-integrated equipment that uses Traffic Signal Controller technology to enforce traffic rules. If violated, the system photographs the vehicle and uploads the data for evidence.

Vice Chief Secretary of Yangon City Development Committee Than Win feels that the Hikvision’s traffic control system will allow the city to have a better hold on citizen’s non-compliance with traffic laws. Hikvision Project Manager Tony Xu adds that Hikvision’s Design, Installation, Commissioning of Traffic Control System served as a perfect fit to Yangon’s situation and cites its success in similar countries.

“Yangon is the first international city outside of China to use the Hikvision Traffic Management Solution, joining hundreds of successful systems installed in cities across China,” Xu said. “The technology in place is set to ensure that Yangon’s vastly improved traffic flow will aid YCDC’s development objective, to support and sustain the city’s economic and industrial growth.”

For more information on Hikvision’s ITS system, be sure to read how the system has helped other major cities and communities here. For your local Hikvision Edge distributor, please visit our Edge Supplier Map.

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