Supplier Spotlight: BES Manufacturing

Today’s supplier spotlight features BES Manufacturing, a provider of tools and supplies for wire installation and an Edge supplier since 2012.

BES Manufacturing started in 1990, when CEO Bill Bergman’s patented his fiberglass fish rods. The invention’s primary use was to grab electrical wires such as telephone lines, house wires, and TV cables from behind stud walls. It served as a direct competitor to conventional fish rods and their complicated flexibility. At the time, conventional rods also didn’t provide enough practicality due to them being able to pull wire from only one direction. In contrast, Bergman’s fish rods come with a female connection on opposite distal ends, as well as a male connector on both sides.

Soon after, he realized that inventions like these allow for easier job completion for electrical contractors and professionals, which served as a true motivator and overall mission for BES Manufacturing.

“They came from an idea I had when I was doing electrical work on an old house. I used a bicycle safety flag to run wires in the walls. In fact, most of the jobs that I involved myself with included retrofitting wires.” Bergman said. “These rods are still the core of our business, although we now have over 400 items in our line. Our products save people time and money.”

Indeed, BES’ core values and products revolve around tried and true accessibility and feasible implementation. Bergman’s fish rods have expanded to multiple versions, such as the Fiberfish II 6 Foot Orange Rod Kit, which now provides a bullnose tip, fish hook, ball chain and a longer rod range for increased versatility. Other featured products from their product line include their Cable Cart. Similar to their cable caddies and cable trucks, cable carts are designed for easy access to your wires and tools. Donned in heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish, this vertical rack allows for easy pulling, loading, and unloading of wire spools. The cart also serves as a mobile workbench once plywood is added.

For those looking to illuminate their workspace, BES’ LED Headlight comes complete with an adjustable head strap and highly-intensive LED light with zoom and brightness adjustment features. The headlight comes with a one-year warranty and is made in the United States, an attribute shared by nearly all of BES’s products.

As their product line grows in levels of productivity, so does their customer service. BES prides itself on how well they treat their customers. From product inquiries to assistance with handling wire, Bergman feels that outstanding customer service is imperative to driving toward business success.

“We take pride in our customer service by taking care of problems as soon as possible. We feel that a good customer of one of our distributors is a good customer of ours,” Bergman said.

For more information on BES Manufacturing, please visit For your local Edge BES distributor, be sure to also check out the Edge Supplier Map!

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