Edge Suppliers Showcase Products at ISC East 2017

This year’s International Security Conference & Exposition, or simply known as ISC East, is held at the Javits Center in New York City. The conference serves as a large gathering of showcases within the security industry. From IoT to video surveillance, the best distributors of security technology gather here.

Several of our Edge suppliers are set to make an appearance, as well. Whether it’s unveiling a new product or expanding on existing solutions, their approach to excellence and innovation is sure to captivate conference attendees.

Here’s a brief look at what to expect from a few of our Edge suppliers if you’re on the show floor!


Hikvision, the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance cameras and CCTV solutions, is currently set to have two featured showcases at booth 225. One of which highlights the Bi-Spectrum PTZ Camera System, an IP dome camera that features thermal imaging and integrated IR illumination. The dome camera also has some smart algorithms that allow the camera to provide alerts once there is an intrusion or when the camera has captured data on persons and vehicles.

Additionally, Hikvision USA Product Manager Lou Bellock will be introducing the TurboHD 4.0 system on November 16 at 11:30 am. The session will go over all of the TurboHD’s features as well as a comprehensive overview of 4K UHD HDMI support.

For more information about Hikvision, please visit www.hikvision.com.


Exhibiting at booth 245 is TRENDNet, one of the largest award-winning providers of surveillance and network equipment as well as connectivity solutions. This year, they will unveil one of their newest products, the TEW-D100 Remote Network Management Box powered by Domotz. Several features of this product will include monitoring for devices and networks, cloud access, remote power management, traffic monitoring and more.

For more information about TRENDnet, please visit www.trendnet.com.

Invid Tech

Bringing innovation to ISC East is InVid Tech, a supplier of IP & HD camera products with an added interest security cameras and monitoring equipment. As a special featured product, InVid will be at booth 255 showcasing the ILAW-BWC Body Camera. An ideal tool for law enforcement officials and for recording travel videos, the camera features a 2.2” touchscreen display and 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. Video can be transmitted directly to either an NVR system, SD card or automatically downloaded once mounted on the docking station.

For more information about InVid Tech, please visit www.invidtech.com.


Inside booth 505, both Schneider Electric and Pelco, a dedicated supplier of surveillance security cameras, will showcase a large lineup of cameras and solutions at the booth. The lineup include the Pelco Choice Award Winner the VideoXpert Pro. A perfect “all-in-one” video management system for businesses, the VideoXpert is available with three server options and a workstation. Also showcased at the booth will be cameras from their SMRs, Sarix, and Optera series, all of which will be showcased using demo pods.

“We are excited to offer a new level of system solutions with functionality to address the specific needs of leading vertical markets such as gaming, oil and gas, airports and seaports, and city surveillance,” said Dave DeLisser, Director of Global Solutions Marketing.

For more information about Pelco, please visit www.pelco.com.

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