Supplier Spotlight: M.G. Chemicals

Today’s supplier spotlight focuses on M.G.Chemicals, a supplier that specializes in lubricants, adhesives, and cleaning products for electrical equipment and components.

Across the globe, many contractors and professionals within the electronics industry turn to M.G. Chemicals as the go-to manufacturer for unique and specialized protective

coatings, epoxies, adhesives, RTV silicones, lubricants, EMI/RFI shielding coatings, flux pins, brushes, swabs, and more. The amount of chemical and nonchemical cleaning items currently in their inventory is vast.

M.G. Chemicals’ approach to product design is based on common troubleshooting and technical issues as well as the wear and tear of equipment. To help contractors protect their components from corrosion while working in highly-humidified environments, this supplier offers a line of greases and lubricants that protect electronic components from moisture and corrosion. Some greases additionally enhance thermal conductivity, while Dielectric greases like the odorless 8462 Silicone Grease serves as an excellent insulator in addition to using its high-grade silicone oil to help electrical connectors fight off corrosion and arcing. M.G. Chemicals’ Lithium greases and penetrating oils are also great alternatives that give components a strong immunity against corrosion.

Some of their other cleaning supplies include their aerosol and liquid electronic cleaners. Their non-flammable Super HFE™ Electronics Cleaner is suitable for disposing of oils, greases and flux residues from circuit boards, switches, connectors and other electronic applications.

For soldering enthusiasts, some of M.G. Chemical’s featured products come from their solutions for soldering. Those in the market for some new wires may want to consider their line of RoHS compliant lead-free flux cored wires. Made with non-recycled metals, all of M.G.’s lead-free wires maintain solder and flux percentage and contains high-purity eutectic tin, copper or cobalt alloys. Users can choose between Rosin Activated, No Clean, and Water Soluble fluxes.

The company prides itself on upholding their certifications as a core value to their business and take these restrictions and guidelines into account when developing certain products, especially their ISO 9001 certification. This certification pertains to design, manufacture, distribution, and marketing of chemicals and related products for the electronics industry, which guarantees that customers receive high-quality products. For products like their flux removers and the Acrylic Conformal Coating, their compliance to certifications like RoHS and IPC ensures the absence of hazardous substances and upholds the quality of printed circuit boards and assemblies.

If you’re looking for quality adhesives and lubricants that promote the protection of your wires, tools and soldering tools, M.G. Chemicals has a superior collection of hazard prevention solutions. For more information about M.G. Chemicals, you can visit their official website at For your nearest M.G. Chemicals distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map!

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