Supplier Spotlight: Klein Tools

For today’s supplier spotlight, we’ll be taking a look at Klein Tools, a family-owned corporation serving professionals with premium-quality hand tools and accessories since 1857.

Klein Tools was founded by Mathias Klein after moving to Chicago from Germany.  Klein made his first pair of pliers for a telegraph lineman who had brought in his broken side-cutting pliers to his forge shop. During and after the Civil War, Klein was able to expand his range of services, thus morphing the forge shop into a full-fledged business that offered more than just hand tools.

Today, at Klein you’ll find more types of pliers than ever before, from diagonal-cutting to pump pliers. Klein Tools now operates its corporate headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois, alongside 5 other regional locations. The company has also garnered product interest on an international scale, successfully reaching markets in Australia, Brazil, Germany, Korea, Mexico, the UK, and Ireland. Currently, the 5th and 6th generations of the Klein family run the company continuing Mathias’ legacy.

Now there’s more to Klein Tools than just a pair of pliers. Klein provides reliable, American-made instruments that cater to construction, mining, electrical and telecommunication fields. Inside their large library of products, users can easily find power tool accessories, cable cutters, wire strippers, clamp testers and multimeters readily available.

One of their featured products is their Cable Skinning Utility Knife with Replaceable Blades. The inclusion of the sleek replaceable blades that easily snap and fasten into the handle with the use of a screw is one of the utility knife’s most captivating features. The rubberized grip allows for precise handling, and with the nicely designed pocket clip it’s perfect for quick storage, users can freely skin large cables with no hassle.

Klein’s products are also award-winning, such as the HVAC 8-in-1 Slide Driver, the Tradesman Pro Tough Box cooler, the Torpedo Billet Level, and the Wireless Jobsite Speaker, all of which were recipients of the 2017 Pro Tool Innovation Awards. Pro Tools notes that the 8-In-1 Slide Driver is unique in allowing the user to quickly switch between hexes. Ideal for installing thermostat components and similar applications, the hybrid driver’s 1/4” and 5/16” hexes feature powerful magnets for faster retention as well as a solid cushion grip for added support.

Klein Tools offers a variety of resources to assist current and future customers gain more information about their products and services, such as tool catalogs and refined product searches. If you need a better idea of how a product looks in actual size as well as how it properly operates, their YouTube page is the place to go. You’ll find special product showcases that dive into what the tools are like in greater detail. Their supplies also include Tradesman TV, a series of highly-executed video discussions hosted by Klein product managers. These videos give the audience a behind-the-scenes look at the tools in the making as well as deep discussions about the latest industry trends.

Need some hand tools for your next assignment? Talk with Klein Tools today! For more information about their products and services, please visit their official website at For your local Edge Klein Tools distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map!

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