Hikvision Releases Machine Vision Cameras

Worldwide video surveillance provider and Edge supplier Hikvision has released the new Machine Vision product line, a collection of industrial cameras, lenses, vision software, boxes and smart cameras.

Perks of the new line include better accuracy in positioning and dimension measurements. This allows the entire product line to achieve pure, lossless video transmission at greater distances. Hikvision’s MV-CH290-60GM 29MP area scan camera, for example, can obtain up to 300 feet of real-time video thanks to its GigE interface. Those in need of a camera that can capture ongoing, fast-moving objects might consider getting into the MV-CL020-40GM 2048-pixel GigE camera, which has the ability to scan up to 51,000 lines per second.

All Machine Vision line cameras support GigE and USB 3.0 interfaces as well as a variety of third-party software and automation components that are specific to the job at hand. For more information, you can find the complete Machine Vision brochure guide here.

Visit Hikvision’s official website at www.hikvision.com. For your local Edge Hikvision distributor, visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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