Monthly Archives: December 2017

Supplier Spotlight: Structured Cable Products

Our final supplier spotlight of the year goes to Structured Cable Products, an Edge member from Dania Beach, FL and a dedicated manufacturer of industry-leading cables, accessories and audio systems. SCP has seen tremendous growth since their upstart in 2001, when they created and distributed coaxial, control, security, fire and structured cables from their Ft. […]

Supplier Spotlight: SolaHD

We’re proud to feature SolaHD in our supplier spotlight today. This supplier has been an Edge member since 1992. Hailing from Rosemont, Illinois, SolaHD serves as a subsidiary of Emerson, a provider of innovative automation solutions as well as products for the residential and commercial market. SolaHD has provided quality solutions for power conversion and […]

Supplier Spotlight: Signamax

Today’s supplier spotlight covers Signamax Connectivity Systems, an Edge supplier since 2002 hailing from Miami, Florida. This provider has manufactured and distributed connectivity products and solutions for industrial, commercial, medical, and military markets around the globe. Backed by dedicated technical engineers, sales managers and customer service, Signamax’s products have been tested against strict standards to […]

Supplier Spotlight: PPC Broadband

Today, we’ll be taking a look at PPC Broadband, a Belden Brand, of Syracuse, New York. This supplier has been an Edge member since 2007 and serves as a subsidiary of network connectivity manufacturer Belden Inc. Driven by innovation, PPC Broadband utilizes new technology to give new life to connectivity products and solutions. PPC seeks […]

Supplier Spotlight: American Electrical Inc.

Richmond, Virginia’s American Electrical Incorporated will be our focus for today’s Supplier Spotlight. An Edge supplier since 2002, this supplier provides electrical components and accessories purely designed for the industrial sector. American Electrical keeps two elements in mind when conducting business: quality products and swift responses to customer inquiries. The latter is the result of […]

Supplier Spotlight: Quiktron

Our new supplier spotlight features Quiktron, a subsidiary of Legrand and an Edge supplier that prioritizes quality enhancement of systems normally found in datacom and telecommunications. Since 1992 Quiktron served commercial and industrial industries with quality fiber optic and copper cable assemblies under Lastar Inc. Since being acquired by Legrand, an international power, light, and […]

Supplier Spotlight: Pomona Electronics

Today’s supplier spotlight will cover Pomona Electronics, an Edge supplier from Everett, Washington and a subsidiary of the Fluke Corporation. For more than 50 years, they have supplied both distributors and end-users alike with their extensive library of test and measurement devices. Although it originated as a radio and television service company, Pomona Electronics has […]

Supplier Spotlight: Pelco by Schneider Electric

This supplier spotlight will cover Pelco, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and the driving force in manufacturing for surveillance cameras and security solutions. Schneider Electric is a French conglomerate that specializes in providing solutions for the digital Internet of Things integration, energy, and automation. Of its many brands, Pelco leads their mainline camera and security […]

Supplier Spotlight: Dantona Industries

Our next supplier spotlight for the week covers Dantona Industries, Inc., an Edge supplier since 1997 specializing in battery supply and assembly. Dantona was founded on November 1st, 1988 after Sal and Don Dantona had urged their parents to start their own business. Agreeing to help, the Dantonas mortgaged their home to help get a […]

Legrand to Power Up Electronics Market in Cambodia

Edge supplier Legrand has initiated a partnership in an effort to distribute power supply systems throughout the Cambodian market. The worldwide provider of home automation and wiring management solutions will be partnering up with locally-owned Business Machines and Supplies Center in Phnom Penh Cambodia. BMSC catalog consists of electronics and other electrical devices. In cohesion […]