Supplier Spotlight: Legrand

Today’s supplier spotlight features Legrand, an Edge supplier that exemplifies product versatility and a provider of power, light, and data solutions to commercial, corporate, and home environments.

Across ten product lines and two collections, Legrand carries a wealth of data communications, lighting control, and residential electrical devices. They are also highly specialized in developing technology for both electrical wiring and smart home systems. Their Cablofil, Pass & Seymour, and Wiremold brands offer a multitude of power distribution options for commercial and industrial wiring markets while On-Q and Nuvo provide security, home automation, and audio speaker products respectively.

Cablofil delivers cable management products worldwide, with a résumé of over 125,000 miles of installation. They’re also currently operating in more than 7 countries which allows for their products to reach new customers every day. One of their featured products includes their newly released aluminum-made Itray line. These well-constructed side rails are engineered for proficiency and come with splice snaps for a smooth installation.

Pass & Seymour provides easy-to-install receptacles, power plugs and cords for industrial settings. Their product design centers on the importance of productivity, reliability, and safety. Possessing each of these qualities is their SteriGuard Antimicrobial Wiring Device, an extension cord that uses antimicrobial growth inhibitors in order to ward off harmful bacterial damage. Combined with the ever-reliable PlugTail receptacles, food and beverage processing plants can achieve safety and continuous efficiency in their production lines. For homes and apartments, these plug outlets also carry USB connectivity, which serves as a welcome change in the world of iPhones and Androids.

On the flip side, Legrand’s NuVo brand specializes in creating speakers and sound systems for music lovers and audiophiles. Products used to enhance existing home audio systems include their line of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers, each of which can be professionally installed throughout the home. A combination of AccentPLUS2 In-Ceiling Speakers and In-Wall Speakers, each made with premium Series Six Kevlar-constructed woofers, is sure to preserve the fidelity of the music. The speakers also give tunes rich and booming bass and crisp sound quality. For better management of all your songs, the NuVo Player App can be integrated as well, giving end-users the opportunity to manage their own music library and playlists as well as dictate which song plays in particular rooms.

From access control intercoms to top-notch security cameras, Legrand’s On-Q brand features a solution-based line of various products, each of which can be used as a stand-alone system or intertwined for a smart home experience. End-users can always know who is approaching their home by installing a few of On-Q’s Outdoor IR Dome Cameras around the exterior, which work in tandem with their Four Camera Network Video Recorder. For extra security, the setup can be combined with the Interior Intercom Unit by the adorne® collection, which includes a video doorbell camera made for the front door area. With this, users can freely communicate with those approaching the door by using one or more intercom units.

Legrand is also heavily involved in developing new and creative ways to promote sustainability. Optimizing energy for efficient use is one part of their goals toward going green. Additionally, Legrand is committed to upholding policies that aim to reduce energy intensity, cut down on waste-to-landfill, and lower intensity water levels. Legrand has developed the Better Communities program, an employee volunteer organization dedicated to improving local communities. The program engages in rebuilding homes and schools and providing financial assistance to natural disaster victims.

Want more protection for your home? Need an outlet that promotes flexibility for USB-based applications? Are you a working contractor looking for new and intuitive wire management solutions? Consider looking into Legrand and its many brands today! For more information, visit For your nearest Edge Legrand distributor, visit the Edge Supplier Map!

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