Supplier Spotlight: Marinco

Across 20 brands, Power Products LLC has prioritized innovative product design for the industrial power, recreational marine, construction and electrical components market. They’ve achieved international success, reaching end-users and distributors in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Today’s spotlight will focus on two of their brands! First, we’ll look at Marinco, a dedicated Edge supplier of electrical power and management equipment for 20 years, followed by Marinco Power Products, a supplier of connectors for the industrial and entertainment industry.

Marinco specializes in the provisions of cable and wire, digital switches, and battery management, as well as a collection of solutions for recreational vehicles and marine OEM respectively. Marinco is committed to providing swift and reliable products to those who are passionate about life above sea waters. From shore power connectors and power converters to switches and plugs, these products have raised the bar for industry standard equipment as well as receiving accolades.

One of these award-winning products is Marinco’s 70A Trolling Motor Plug, the recipient of the Top Products 2017 Award from Boating Industry Magazine. This motor plug includes 6 AWG compatibility and a thumbprint locator for keyed receptacles. This supplier also carries circuit breakers, panels, fuses and isolators in their inventory. Among this section is their CC-805T Contour Connect Battery Switch, complete with toggle circuit breakers. With this, ship and boat crew members can easily manage the operation of several applications at once by implementing this device into their system.

An additional library of straight blade plugs, one-piece adapters and a lineup of various 400A Single Pole Inline kits can be found with Marinco Power Products. One of their featured products is their 20 Amp Power Connectors. Available in inline and panel mounted versions, the connectors include an intuitive locking design and are brilliantly color-coded, allowing the user to easily attach the connectors to the right application.

With Marinco, customers can easily make an educated decision about the products being purchased from their inventory by accessing their resource pages. Alongside a library of YouTube videos showcasing product comparisons and demonstrations, customers can also find data sheets, warranty information and more on their resources page. The resource page also offers information regarding color codes, conductor sizes, and ratings for both temperature and amperage of conductors in accordance with laws and product-specific regulations. Additionally, Marinco also offers insightful catalogs that delve into short descriptions and specifications for all of their product lines, as well as provide an in-depth look at upcoming releases for 2018!

Marinco’s lineup of new products for next year includes the expansion of Guest ChargePro™ On-Board Battery Chargers. Available from 5 to 40 amp versions, these fully-automatic chargers serve as reliable outputs for strong power connections, aluminum housing, and special waterproof and shock-resistant protection for all boating applications.

Want the best waterproof plugs, switch panels and circuit protectors to meet your maritime needs? Get in contact with Marinco and see what their entire inventory has to offer! For more information about Marinco, you can visit their website at For your local Edge Marinco distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map!

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