Supplier Spotlight: Pan Pacific Enterprises

Today’s supplier spotlight covers Pan Pacific Enterprises, a provider of strong and reliable network and communication devices and an Edge supplier since 1999.

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Pan Pacific has primarily devoted its business toward improving sections of the electronics industry by distributing essential electronic components and tools worldwide. Their approach to product design centers around serving the needs of voice and data communications, A/V components, security, power distribution and cable connectivity. From their inception in the 1980s until now, Pan Pacific has also shown their specialty in creating cables and accessories for PC and Mac systems.

Pan Pacific has plenty of extenders and adapters to offer. Several of these items include PS2-type keyboard extensions for DIN 5 Pin, 6 Pin, and Mini Din connections, all available from 6 to 10ft long. Additionally, serial and DIN cables for Mac are also available for those searching for streamlined connectivity between their Mac computers and other applications. These connections allow users to freely operate image writers, laser printers, and wireless modems from their Mac computer.

Much like their line for PC and Mac cables, their inventory of display port and USB cables is just as abundant. If you’re in the market for cables for keyboards, their line of display port adaptors include compatibility with DVI and HDMI monitors. Their large selection of USB cables range from Type-C and Mini versions to high definition male-to-male and male-to-female 3.0 cable.

Pan Pacific’s EZ USB cable line is an innovative approach to cord extensions, given its brilliantly designed pulley in the center for easy cord deployment and extraction. To top it off, each of the EZ USB Cables come with gold-plated connectors and are available in various connectivity types.

Pan Pacific also understands why hotels, offices, and universities rely on CCTV systems to ensure safety. As such, their inventory of BNC molded cables, connectors, and CCTV BNC patch cables offer the connection needed for proper performance. Their extenders and adaptors for high definition to standard definition video transmissions also help extend the flexibility that CCTV systems need to operate.

Pan Pacific delivers fresh and new products to a worldwide audience. Their newest products include a large line of widely used cables that are imperative to structure cabling for local computer networks. Available in a variety of different colors and lengths to assist with organization, their Shielded Cat 6A is made with foil twisted pairs for 10GBase-T applications. In contrast, their Mini Cat 6 Thin Cables are designed with clear, translucent snagless boots with gold-plated RJ-45 plugs.

Are you ready to take the next step in ordering top-of-the-line products for your next project? Want information on the latest electronic components, cables, adapters and hand tools? Then it’s time to talk with a Pan Pacific Enterprises distributor. You can find your local Edge Pan Pacific distributor, check the Edge Supplier Map. Be sure to visit Pan Pacific’s website at for additional products and resources.

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