Supplier Spotlight: NTE Electronics

Today’s supplier spotlight will cover NTE Electronics Inc., an electronic products supplier from Bloomfield, New Jersey and an Edge Group member since 1992.

When NTE Electronics opened up in 1979, their inventory was small, carrying only a mix of semiconductors on hand. Now, with more than 23,000 components and 30 plus product types within their inventory, they are able to provide end-users and distributors a 24-hour shipping fulfillment on most orders.

Products found within their 40,000 square-foot headquarters range from their company-branded semiconductors to electric maintenance items like circuit breakers, heat shrink tubes, terminal blocks and electric switches. This supplier also carries aftermarket products under the ECG line, which includes aerosol chemicals, surge protectors, and soldering equipment. The Chemitronics® line features solvents, swabs, sprays, and wipes that are used to cleanse electronic and telecommunication devices.

Several products from NTE’s gigantic inventory have been hand-picked to help forward technology and assist in the advancement of industrial and electronic components. From making German automobiles more efficient to helping NASA reach beyond the stars, NTE Electronics and its products have sparked innovation across the globe.  Additionally, NTE Electronics has an abundance of cable, wire and lighting solutions. Their Electroluminescent (EL) Wires combine the latter two elements in order to give displays and outdoor environments a unique and colorfully illuminated experience without any worry of heat radiation or massive power consumption. The EL wires are flexible and can be bent, knotted and stretched without interrupting its functionality. NTE’s Automatic Smart Solar & Sensor LED Wall Light also serves as lighting equipment for indoor and outdoor settings. These LED wall lights are waterproof and energy saving alternatives with no extra wiring required from the user. The LED lights can be easily mounted and installed wherever bright sunlight is located.

NTE Electronics announced their recent addition of Binding Posts & Banana Sockets to their product offerings. Embedded with nickel plated brass and available in either red or black, these 10amp connectors help join wires to various electronic devices and equipment.

In addition to their products, NTE Electronics offers an easy-to-use Android, iPhone and desktop program known as QUICKCross™. Utilizing the app, users can cross-reference thousands of industry parts with NTE’s equivalent in quick fashion. The app features 525,000 part numbers and access to product specifications via PDF-formatted product logs. The QUICKCross™ app is currently available for download on iTunes and Google Play.

Interested in getting additional information about NTE’s semiconductors? Need to download the QUICKCross™ application to your desktop computer? You can find all of this and more by visiting NTE Electronics, Inc.’s official website at For your local Edge NTE Electronics distributor, visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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