Supplier Spotlight: Dantona Industries

Our next supplier spotlight for the week covers Dantona Industries, Inc., an Edge supplier since 1997 specializing in battery supply and assembly.

Dantona was founded on November 1st, 1988 after Sal and Don Dantona had urged their parents to start their own business. Agreeing to help, the Dantonas mortgaged their home to help get a loan to support them. With family backing on their side, the two vowed to help customers find great products at excellent prices. In the beginning, they worked out of their childhood home packing batteries in the washroom, but the family-owned business gradually grew. Dantona Industries Inc. is now headquartered in Wantagh, NY, with a full-fledged warehouse that encompasses 30,000 square feet of land. Sal and Don still keep the business close to family, with their younger brother Paul Dantona working as a Dantona’s Battery Buyer and several other family members spread out among the Sales, Office and Packaging departments.

Dantona is one of the largest battery distributors in the US and worldwide. Users are able to choose between an extensive variety of battery chemistry and cell types, voltage, capacity, termination, and size. Their warehouse also contains some of the most popular battery brands known worldwide. From Maxell to Samsung, there are more than 30 different battery brands available, including Dantona’s own large line of Lithium, Lithium-Ion and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. Because of their expansive warehouse, Dantona can easily assist both industrial businesses and consumers alike. For gadgets such as power tools, the company is able to provide replacement and compatible batteries for Black & Decker, Dewalt, and other commercial brands. There are also replacement batteries for cell phones, game systems, remote controls, two-way radio, medical equipment, barcode scanners, and more.

Dantona Industries keeps up with the latest trends in power supplies, especially when it comes to smartphones. That’s why one of their featured products includes the 3-in-1 Charge & Sync Kit. With this bundle, users will receive a charge & data cable, a USB wall charger and a USB car charger for the Apple iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Android and other devices that require Micro USB connectivity.

Looking for a specific type of battery? Or maybe you need a custom battery assembly to help power up your next project? With more than 600 custom packs in their library, honoring a customer’s unique order has become an integral element of their customer service strategy. Located on their official website, users can utilize the Custom Battery Pack Ordering Guide, which shows cell types and how they are assembled. From there, users submit the custom pack they need alongside specifics regarding voltage and cell configuration.

Want to learn more about how Dantona Industries Inc. can benefit your next project? Get in touch with one of our largest battery suppliers by visiting their official website at For your Edge Dantona distributor visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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