Supplier Spotlight: Pelco by Schneider Electric

This supplier spotlight will cover Pelco, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric and the driving force in manufacturing for surveillance cameras and security solutions.

Schneider Electric is a French conglomerate that specializes in providing solutions for the digital Internet of Things integration, energy, and automation. Of its many brands, Pelco leads their mainline camera and security products in several industries. Casinos, universities, hospitals, oil and gas plants and airport facilities are common places that rely on Pelco’s dedicated solutions that prioritize safety and helps businesses reach peak performances across the board.

In 1957, Pelco was founded by E.L. Heinrich, an owner of a mechanical aviation shop. Under his management, some of the first products introduced were pan-tilt and joystick devices that can remotely control TV cameras. Their initial product line saw skyrocketing sales, which in turn prompted Heinrich to dedicate himself to Pelco full time. As years passed, Pelco became a part of the Schneider Electric family in 2008 and an Edge supplier since the year 2000. Currently, their security and surveillance products are an international success, with distribution throughout more than 130 countries.

Pelco provides IP and Analog Cameras, Video Management Systems, Accessories and customized orders for product modifications. Their most popular product line is their fixed IP cameras. Among their always fresh and innovative library of dome, bullet, and wedge cameras; their Sarix Enhanced Fixed IP line is often recommended for its high-quality performance during “mission-critical” tasks. Designed with adaptive low light performance and IR illumination, Sarix IMP Series Indoor and Environmental Mini Domes are capable of capturing 30 images per second at a resolution of 3 Megapixels as well as detecting motion and camera sabotage.

Pelco’s Optera™ series cameras also serve as standout accessories for facilities needing constant surveying of their buildings and parking lots. Like a birds eye, the 360° Optera™ Series provides a large, panoramic view of vast and open spaces using SureVision 2.0 technology and supports PoE+ to eliminate extra power sources and complicated wiring. All of these products go hand in hand with Pelco’s VideoXpert video management system, a customizable platform dedicated to providing power and support to one or many Pelco-made or third-party cameras. The VMS can be delivered to end-users and businesses as a software or optimized hardware.

End-users who want any of Pelco’s products to be modified in order to meet their needs can turn to the Special Modification Requests (SMR) program. Whether the adjustment pertains to a change in environment or retrofitting for Pelco’s latest products, users can view the full SMR Catalog on to see what types of adjustments are possible.

Pelco’s extensive online publication Security Insights provides end-users and the security industry with articles, studies, and other in-depth resources to help professionals deal with the many challenges they face. The publication also includes interviews with leading experts and informative tip sheet guides on specific topics, such as how to choose the perfect VMS for your business. On the Security Solutions tab, the publication also provides op-ed pieces regarding challenges in the surveillance industry as well as explanations of the latest technology and products. Security Insights can be found by visiting

For the best integrated surveillance cameras and video management systems on the market, Pelco is sure to exceed expectations. It’s time to take the next step in ensuring top-notch security for your facility. You can find more information about Pelco and its products by visiting For the nearest Edge Pelco distributor, please go to the Edge Supplier Map!

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