Supplier Spotlight: Pomona Electronics

Today’s supplier spotlight will cover Pomona Electronics, an Edge supplier from Everett, Washington and a subsidiary of the Fluke Corporation. For more than 50 years, they have supplied both distributors and end-users alike with their extensive library of test and measurement devices.

Although it originated as a radio and television service company, Pomona Electronics has served electricians, field technicians, engineers and other industry-related professionals with products since expanding in 1951. With so many of today’s changes and trends, they stay on course and deliver a wide range of UL, CSA, and IEC61010 certified products and accessories to a worldwide audience. These accessories range from tools such as DMM test leads, probe kits, coaxial cables, multi-type connectors, cords and more. With over 500 items in their inventory, this supplier is the first choice for many within the industry.

After being acquired by the Fluke Corporation in 1998, Pomona’s vision of manufacturing test equipment with heightened accuracy and productivity became a reality. Their products and accessories are designed around helping end-users exceed the expectations of the job or project. In fact, one of their featured products, 7519A TwistGuard™ Test Leads, prioritizes accessibility during measurement procedures, all while maintaining user safety. These test leads are as versatile as they come, allowing users to switch from a CAT II-rated probe to CAT III or IV on the fly by adjusting, or simply twisting, the probe tip shroud. The TwistGuard also comes with WearGuard™ insulation and interchangeable probe tip lengths.

Pomona also carries a small and easily operable Precision Electronic Probe, a device used to carry out surface mount testing on circuit boards. The probe comes packaged with replacement tips for spring-loaded pogo-pin tip installations.

Connectors and banana plugs are also popular choices at Pomona. From 4mm solderless banana plugs to the triple banana jack, this supplier carries a myriad of connector jacks in their catalog. Available in various colors, their 1825 Series Banana Plugs are designed with tarnish-resistant nickel plating and contains a cross-hole that’s able to fit up to 3mm of wire. These banana plugs are perfect for assisting with “one-off” projects and prototypes. For additional applications, Pomona also supplies concise and neatly packaged kits that encompass their large collection of coaxial adapters and kits. These pre-assembled kits come in various types, from Multi-RF and BNC adapters to SMA-type adapters.

If you don’t see a product that fits the bill, then Pomona is always ready to take on custom orders. For these orders, customers can request existing product modifications or build their own unique set of tools or equipment using the tools available in their catalog. Other custom parameters that can be set include different colors, lengths, special configurations, logo markings and connector combinations.

Ponoma’s products can be found by visiting their official website at or at your local Edge Ponoma distributor. Please visit the Edge Supplier Map for more details.

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