Supplier Spotlight: Quiktron

Our new supplier spotlight features Quiktron, a subsidiary of Legrand and an Edge supplier that prioritizes quality enhancement of systems normally found in datacom and telecommunications.

Since 1992 Quiktron served commercial and industrial industries with quality fiber optic and copper cable assemblies under Lastar Inc. Since being acquired by Legrand, an international power, light, and data solutions provider, Quiktron’s products have been able to provide additional audio & video and networking products that give customers the opportunity to  achieve streamlined processes for their applications. Products are carefully designed and manufactured at two ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities, one in Hickory, North Carolina and the other in Albia, Iowa.

Products currently available under the Quiktron brand are widespread. Upon browsing their official web page, potential and existing customers are sure to find useful punchdown tools as well as double-sided mount boxes for connectors and jacks. Quiktron’s networking solutions for Ethernet, phone, and modem connections can be used in commercial, residential and industrial applications. Among their line of special media converters and network adapters, their RJ45 Network Combiner Kit is a standout from this collection. It runs at 100 Mbps and includes four ports that allow for two network devices to be connected to two Ethernet ports, creating an extensive and more productive line of communication.

In regards to their ever-growing catalog of products, their Mighty Mo® 6 Enhanced Cable Management System is one of Quiktron’s newest items on the market. Designed to improve your networking applications, it features a selection of open frame channel racks for mounting heavy devices and cables, up to 1500 pounds. Some of the system’s brightest features include an easy-to-assemble 3-piece waterfall drop-offs for guiding cable bundles toward the center of the rack as well as “cable hive” sidewalls for extra locations and air pathways. The Mighty Mo 6 system is compatible with Legrand’s selection of vertical managers. For maximum capacity and ease of use, the Q-Series  7’ X 10” Double-Sided Vertical Manager is easy to assemble and ruggedly designed for RU cable management. The manager also includes a rear wire cage frame for easier cable management, with optional rear mount cable rings and cable retention clips.

Quiktron also offers custom cabling for those who simply need a little more. Their custom cabling lets users create unique builds for both copper and fiber solutions. For Copper CAT6 Cables, users can choose different types of connectors, pinouts, colors, and lengths. Often utilized for interconnection and testing in OEM environments, the custom test jumper kits of the Corning and Q-Series can be ordered as well. With these kits, users have the ability to choose from a variety of connectors, configuration types, fiber types, and lengths.

Want more out of your networking applications? Are you having trouble finding the most dedicated copper and fiber panels and accessories? You can quickly find solutions for these problems and more at Quiktron. Be sure to visit their official website at For your local Edge Quiktron distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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