Supplier Spotlight: American Electrical Inc.

Richmond, Virginia’s American Electrical Incorporated will be our focus for today’s Supplier Spotlight. An Edge supplier since 2002, this supplier provides electrical components and accessories purely designed for the industrial sector.

American Electrical keeps two elements in mind when conducting business: quality products and swift responses to customer inquiries. The latter is the result of their “FAST” approach toward customer service. The acronym being flexible, accurate, able to act with speed and as a team.

“The underlying message to our customers is that we try to do things as quickly as possible,” American Electrical’s website notes. “Whether that’s a quotation, price check, availability question, shipping or information request – we do it now – we know and understand that there are eager customers or potential customers waiting on us and their time is as valuable as ours.”

American Electrical’s flexibility also extends to the variety of products they have available. Currently, their catalog consists of enclosures, circuit protectors, kits, tools, cable assemblies, connectors, interconnects, relays, wires, as well as test and measurement tools. Their selection of wire crimping tools showcases AE’s expertise in proper wire stripping and cutting. This section of their catalog includes products like the MC 25 Automatic Ferrule Stripping and Crimping Machine, a light, travel-ready, and hands-free device capable of stripping and crimping a single wire in just 1.5 seconds. The machine’s insulated ferrules come in 1000 or 500-piece tape mounted reels and users can quickly switch and change out the crimping mechanism to accommodate the ferrule size.

American Electrical also specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of DIN Rail mounted contactors, interface modules, switches and power supplies. AE’s mounted contactors deliver dependable and space-saving power control with a large amount of voltage and ease of connection. For the maximum amount of voltage to meet your needs, the CC40-230 Relay Contactor contains three pole configurations as well as a rate of 60 amps and 230 volts of power.

Want to learn more about how American Electrical Incorporated and its products can benefit your needs? You can find out more about this supplier and all of their services by visiting their website at For your local Edge American Electrical distributor, visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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