Supplier Spotlight: PPC Broadband

Today, we’ll be taking a look at PPC Broadband, a Belden Brand, of Syracuse, New York. This supplier has been an Edge member since 2007 and serves as a subsidiary of network connectivity manufacturer Belden Inc.

Driven by innovation, PPC Broadband utilizes new technology to give new life to connectivity products and solutions. PPC seeks to uphold technical leadership by finding and fixing flaws in networking components before they start as well as developing a wealth of reliable products. Universal crimping tools, connectors, fiber and coaxial cables are just a few products from their lineup that help telecommunications, satellite, AV and security industries achieve their goals. Their innovation has allowed them to initiate and regularly mandate sustainability efforts during manufacturing as well as earn accolades along the way.

PPC’s Category cables are high end,4-Pair Unshielded cables that are direct solutions for projects that require installing access points, networks, or security systems. Available in both Category 6 and 5E versions, users are guaranteed to get excellent signal strength between the cable and application as well as great signal-to-noise ratio and crosstalk performance. PPC’s spark for innovation is also evident in their connector-locking HDMI cables. The HD-600 and HD-700 Series Locking HDMI Cable is equipped with a locking connector that utilizes a release tab that maintains high retention and keeps the cable from loosening or falling out.

PPC Broadband is also home to solutions that help increase productivity and capacity of broadband, fiber, and RF connections. Made with durability in mind, the Miniflex® fiber optic cable allows for easier FTTx deployments for broadband networks. Available in standard or 2mm fiber versions, the Miniflex® is capable of transferring a connected network from coax to fiber, making it a recommended choice for universities and residential buildings. This fiber cable also broadens the range of deployment by eliminating the extra costs needed for a specialist’s installation and other resources.

To ensure the highest value in their products, PPC also offers on-site tech training for installers, engineers, and other industry professionals. Based on instructional systems design (ISD), the training is given by instructors with years of experience and are designed to reduce service calls. This competency-based training is separated into seven modules that improve a technician’s knowledge of common issues. Courses are offered from entry level to hardline training. Here, attendees will get a comprehensive overview of line conditioning, fiber installation, grounding, bonding and more.

For the latest products and updates from this supplier, please visit PPC’s official website at For your local Edge PPC distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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