Supplier Spotlight: SolaHD

We’re proud to feature SolaHD in our supplier spotlight today. This supplier has been an Edge member since 1992. Hailing from Rosemont, Illinois, SolaHD serves as a subsidiary of Emerson, a provider of innovative automation solutions as well as products for the residential and commercial market.

SolaHD has provided quality solutions for power conversion and power maintenance for industrial, residential and commercial markets since 1915. From factory automation to process control, their products are designed to maintain continuous, optimized power performance. From handling severe power surges to providing accessible and flexible surge protection, SolaHD is able to meet these challenges by upholding their products to global standards and adhering to specifications that require high levels of efficiency. With this in mind, they’re able to assist power operators can safely apply power where they need it most.

SolaHD’s catalog features Power Quality, Control Power and Power Distribution. New lines of power supplies, industrial transformers, surge protectors and other power management tools from their catalog are frequently released, such as the SDN2X redundancy modules. These devices combine two power supplies, which guarantees unceasing power to operational applications even when one power supply fails.

Their Power Quality section is filled with surge protectors that limit the frequency of high voltage spikes as well as UPS devices that preserve power even during sudden shutdowns. Brilliantly designed to ward off destructive voltage transients, the STV surge protector is made with a robust design for flexible installation and includes 200 to 400 kA surge capacity.

For protection against blackouts and sudden surges, SolaHD’s S3K Series Mini-Tower Line-Interactive UPS offers protection from extreme power failures and interruptions thanks to its line-interactive technology, a mechanism that allows for correcting voltages without having to switch to battery power. Special features include sine wave output, swappable battery and built-in protection for under and overvoltage conditions including low-energy lightning surges.

The control power solutions section is comprised of some of the most efficient, CE compliant DIN rail and linear-based power supply devices, both of which allow SolaHD to stay ahead in providing industrial markets with dependable switching technology products. Available in 5, 12, 24, and 48-volt versions, these single-phase power supplies from the SVL Series can provide protection from short circuit and overvoltage and serve as an alternative to closed frame switches. Ideal for ATM and vending machines, these power supplies feature convection cooling and universal input for easy installation.

Don’t let power disruptions get in the way of your business’s bottom line. It’s time to talk to Emerson’s SolaHD to see how their power supply and surge equipment can help you reach uncharted success. You can find out more about their products and solutions by visiting their official website at For your local Edge SolaHD distributor, please look at the Edge Supplier Map!

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