HID Global Updates Their CMS Line

Identity solutions provider HID Global is about to bring in a huge update to their ActivID CMS line, as they are set to release the new ActivID® CMS 5.0.

This new version allows for authentication without a need for physical smart cards, which helps employees of medium to large businesses and financial institutions gain access to company files, e-mails, and buildings. The new version is also geared toward stopping potential data breaches and ultimately cultivate a digital environment that is both comforting and trusted.

With the 5.0 set in place, new standards arrive while older technologies are taken out, at the request of HID Global’s consumers. Users are able to now freely access VPN, documents, online and multi-factor authorization without a card or reader in hand. According to HID Global Vice President and Managing Director Brad Jarvis, the functionalities of the CMS 5.0 can be seamlessly transferred and integrated into cloud platforms, thus giving the system an added boost in accessibility when compared to earlier versions.

“Our ActivID Credential Management System 5.0 is a step up for digital identity, addressing the evolving expectations of our millions of customers who are currently on CMS 4,” Jarvis said.

“With ActivID CMS 5.0, we are adding a higher level of trust to digital IDs and extending the types of applications that can benefit from HID’s identity and access management solutions namely Windows log on, VPN, document signing, encryption, online resource access and multi-factor authentication – all without requiring a physical card or attached reader.”

For more information about HID Global, please visit www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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