TRENDnet Adds 4K Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance camera provider TRENDnet has announced that it has added two 4K UHD PoE surveillance models to its catalog of network cameras, the TV-IP318PI bullet camera and the TV-IP319PI dome camera.

These releases come not long after AC3000 tri-band wireless unveiling. TRENDnet wants to provide high-grade, enterprise-ready surveillance solutions and their TV-IP318PI and TV-IP319PI models aim to continue this trend. Both cameras are made to interchange with indoor and outdoor uses as well as provide Power over Ethernet support, sharp picture and video quality with up to 8 megapixels and 4K experience.

Their difference lies in their overall design and special features. The TV-IP319PI dome network camera includes impact resistance as well as a fixed pan and tilt with a rotatable lens, leaving no corner unsurveyed.

Both models carry IR LED covert lens, which is completely invisible to the human eye at night. The LED’s also have the ability to improve night vision, making it easier to record clear and clean video. Both models can easily be installed alongside any type of wall or wall mount.

“TRENDnet’s new 4K IP cameras also allow for the best balance of low light performance, better digital zoom quality and it improves analytic performance for license plate (LPR) and facial recognition,” TRENDnet Senior Manager of Sales Engineering Evan Davis said.

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