HID ePassport System Assists Tanzania Border Patrol

Digital credentials and identification software provider HID Global has announced that it will provide digital solutions to Tanzania’s border patrol program by providing electronic passports.

Tanzanian government and its authorities have expressed a desire for more digitization efforts in relations to border patrol. HID Global’s ePassport system allows authorities to electronically scan passports as travelers enter or leave the country. Other features include a mobile-based emergency passport system that allows passport owners digitally backup their virtual passport on their smartphones and tablets. Here, users will also be able to request a replacement if their passports are missing or stolen.

The passports will include Tanzania landmarks as well as contactless, tamper-proof chip imbued inside the passport.

“Tanzania is taking a leap forward in providing an electronic passport for our citizens,” Tanzania Commissioner General of Immigration Anna Peter Makakala said.

“Our people will be proud knowing they are carrying one of the most secure and modern passports in the world and can take advantage of some of the most advanced technology available.”

More about HID Global’s ePassport program and other problem-solving solutions can be found on their official website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please view the Edge Supplier Map.

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