TRENDnet Releases Powerline PoE+ Adapters

Network, surveillance and cabling provider TRENDnet has announced the release of two Powerline PoE+ adapters: the TPL-331EP and TPL-331EP2K. Both models allow the user to feasibly sync PoE+ support connections to IP cameras and wireless access points over an existing Powerline network.

TRENDnet notes that the TPL-331EP and TPL-331EP2K are for users who want an alternative, cost-effective solution for wired electrical system connection as opposed to the use of Cat5e cables and PoE injectors. Both powerline models come with pre-encrypted adapters with a range of up to 300m over existing lines for accessibility and convenience. The TPL-331EP2K model, however, comes with two Powerline AV PoE+ adapters for a single PoE+ connection. The adapters are also compatible with Powerline 1200, 600, and 500 adapters.

TRENDnet Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering Evan Davis notes that the Powerline adapters provides users with a convenient wired connection through the home without the need for other time consuming and costly methods.

“With PoE readily available through Powerline network adapters, users can easily plug a camera or other PoE device in without worrying about PoE injectors, or wires for power and network connectivity,” Davis said.

For more information about the Powerline PoE+ adapters, or to find out more about TRENDnet products, visit their official website at For your local Edge TRENDnet distributor, visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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