U.S. General Services Administration Approves PIV Card

Global credentials and authorization solutions provider HID Global has announced that their HID Crescendo PIV Smart Card, a dual-interface smart card used for access to a range of applications, has been approved for FIPS 201 compliance.

Serving as one of their latest applications to work alongside with HID Express and HID PIV Enterprise authentication solutions, the HID’s Crescendo PIV smart card features PKI-based authorization, digital signature, and encryption. With the smart card, users can securely access workstations, laptops and cloud applications.

The Crescendo PIV card now joins thousands of applications in the United States General Services Administration’s Approved Product List. Getting on that list means passing several rigorous tests and certifications for products classified as “secure elements” in personal identity verification cards from the Federal Identity Credential and Access Management program. Based on a great performance during the security and interoperability testing phase, the HID Crescendo PIV Card was approved for FICAM implementation and has also gained certification for NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 2 security and NIST FIPS 201 interoperability.

“With the HID Crescendo PIV on GSA’s Approved Products List, government agencies have the assurance that the PIV card complies with governmental regulations for credentials,” said Yves Massard, Director of Government Solutions, IAM Solutions, HID Global.

“HID continues to be a leader in providing PIV solutions to the U.S. federal government, delivering the security, interoperability, high performance, and durability that government employees need.”

For more information on HID Global’s Crescendo PIV Smart Card, please visit their official website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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