HID Approve Adds Facial Recognition

Identity solutions and card credentials provider HID Global has announced that its two-factor mobile authentication and verification application known as HID Approve will now be supporting facial recognition capabilities through phones such as the Apple iPhone X.

HID Approve serves as the company’s authorization platform that utilizes the advanced technological security found in public key-based cryptography and HID Global’s own ActivID® Authentication Server. With the latest update now allowing users to use their face like a passcode, the company is eager to see how well this will perform with high-end enterprises. HID Global is also hoping that facial recognition will further help enterprises and other financial companies ward off cyber threats, malicious ransomware, and fraudulent transactions.

“HID Global now delivers an easy way for organizations to take advantage of Apple’s Face ID capability with our HID Approve mobile authentication solution,” Vice President of Product Management Martin Ladstaetter said. “Facial recognition is a great addition for banks and enterprises that also want a high level of security.”

It’s also worth noting that since the iPhone X can also be used to secure remote access to employee data and work applications, which would make it easier for customers as well as HID personnel to utilize Face ID recognition when using HID Approve and other turnkey applications.

For more information on HID Global, please visit their official website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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