HID Launches Risk Management Solution

Identity solutions and access control supplier HID Global has launched their new HID Risk Management Solution. The platform is as a fraud and cyber threat detection service that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Using risk profiling technology and detection capabilities based on behavioral patterns found in biometrics, the HID Risk Management Solution platform offers users a peace of mind. Combined with deep data analytics and machine learning mechanism, bank companies and other large-scale corporations are able to ward off leeching malware, phishing attacks and hacking attempts far away from everyday financial transactions.

The HID Risk Management Solution program comes with three different type of engines: Threat, Behavior, and Anomaly engine. Threat engines track device IDs, malware, and phishing attacks. The Behavior engines log behavior profiles for users while the Anomaly implements machine learning technology in order to capture anomalies in transactions.

Additionally, the Risk Management Solution platform can also work alongside HID’s ActivID Authentication Platform, which allows for two-factor authentication process for user accounts and transactions. HID believes that the combining of the two is a great step toward providing an increase in overall security without having to jeopardize a user’s banking experience.

“The HID Risk Management Solution gives businesses and consumers a new defense against cybercrime,” Vice President & Identity & Access Management Solutions Director Brad Jarvis said. “The combination of our HID Risk Management Solution and our mobile-based authentication application, HID Approve, creates a unique blend of security and user authorization.”

To learn more about the Risk Management Solution, you can visit HID Global’s official website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local HID Global Edge distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.


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