HID Drives Fingerprint Sensors For Latin American Banks

In response to the latest mandate asking for the deployment fingerprint technology to local banks, as issued by Mexico’s National Banking and Security Commission, HID Global has announced that it will help install sensors across the country as well as throughout other Latin American countries.

The mandate stems from several Latin American agencies and their overall positive history with  HID Global’s biometric solutions. In the past, several of their devices have helped eliminate fraud within the country’s various healthcare initiatives. As a result, the identity and biometrics solutions provider expect to deploy Lumidigm Fingerprint Sensors throughout retail banks, financial institutions, and government agencies.

The mandate’s goal is to stomp out ATM transaction fraud, thus giving more than 85 million customers a peace of mind.

Capabilities of the Lumidigm Fingerprint Sensors include utilization of multi-spectral imaging. The devices utilize one of the most high-end, certified MINEX III minutia algorithm that enhances interoperability with fingerprint databases. This allows for sensors to have compatibility with all fingerprint types—meaning dirty, greasy, wet or cold fingers will still be able to be recognized by the sensors.

“Latin America have embraced our biometrics solutions over the past decade because of their speed, accuracy, reliability and fraud-fighting capabilities,” said Greg Sarrail, Vice President of Global Sales, Extended Access Technologies, Biometrics with HID Global. “Now we are helping to extend these benefits across Mexico’s banking infrastructure as part of a major initiative to curb identity theft.”

The deadline for deployment, as outlined by the CNVB, is set for this October. By this time, banks and other financial institutions throughout Latin American regions should be able to easily verify a customer’s ID using only their finger.

Want to learn more about HID Global’s biometrics solutions? You can catch them at Booth # 3131 at the Centro CitiBanamex in Mexico City, where they’ll be showcasing a demo at the  Expo Seguridad Mexico on April 24 through 26.

Alternatively, you can visit their website at www.hidglobal.com. For your local Edge HID Global distributor, please visit the Edge Supplier Map.

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