Hikvision Showcases Security Solutions at ISC West 2018

It’s official. ISC West has come and gone. The show was a blast for the entire industry, plus there were a few impressive products and solutions that were displayed out on the Sands Expo Center show floor in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our most dedicated suppliers at Hikvision, a worldwide distributor of surveillance solutions and automated AI technology, has brought new solution ideas and product lines to the table. From parking lot vehicle screening devices to on-body cameras tailored for law enforcement officials, the company is taking a few steps ahead of the curve in order to bring innovative and reliable technology to business and the public.

As listed on their official website, here are a few products that were displayed by Hikvision at ISC West 2018.

Portable Under Vehicle Screening System (MV-PD-030001-03)

Hikvision’s vehicle screening system serves as a top choice for companies and organizations looking to automate and heighten parking lot security. As you would expect, the system is conveniently placed on the road where vehicles drive in and out of a parking lot. With that in place, the system displays images of what can be seen underneath in order to reduce danger and security threats. Other features include seamless integration with any existing security systems. The device is available in fixed UVSS and portable model versions. UVSS serves as a discrete vehicle chassis detection.

In the future, Hikvision plans to release a similar product in the US, one that will be compatible with the company’s long list of NVRs and other vehicle recognition platforms.

Body Worn Camera (DS-MH2111)


“Hikvision’s Body Worn cameras features 2 MP video recording, 5 MP photo screenshot, a 2” LCD screen, hot-swap battery design, and built-in GPS and Wi-Fi.”

For law enforcement and security officials alike, Hikvision’s Body Worn Camera is smartly designed to recover picture and video after recording thanks to it’s integrated 4G and Wi-Fi module, thus ensuring that the proper evidence isn’t lost in the shuffle. Intuitive and easy to carry, the body worn camera also features an embedded image sensor of 16 megapixels and ISP support level.  The camera also provides support for distortion correction and a long-lasting battery that allows for up to 8 hours of 1080p videos.


Facial Recognition Terminal (DS-KS603-Z)

Serving as a potential addition to airport and train terminals around the globe, Hikvision’s Facial Recognition Terminal features a 10.1 inch LCD touchscreen that serves as a way to identify and check-in individuals before allowing them in an otherwise unauthorized area. Open doors with a glance with Hikvision’s Facial Recognition Terminal. Features 10.1 inch LCD touchscreen and each terminal able to hold up to 10 thousand photos.

This device is compatible with Hikvision’s turnstile swing barrier tool, making it the ultimate terminal setup for airports, train stations, and other high-security settings.

And that leads us into…..

Swing Barrier Turnstile with Facial Recognition (DS-K3B6D1A/ DS-K5603-Z)

Built-to-order and freely customizable, Hikvisions Swing Barrier Turnstile is the ultimate setup for airports and train stations looking to automate the check-in process. Those who request a build are free to alternate lane width, surface finishes, door style and faceplates. Combined with the Turnstile devices with the Facial Recognition Terminal, the turnstile allows facilities to keep track of who is coming in or out of a particular facility.

For more information on Hikvision or to learn more about any of their special solution showcased at ISC West, you can visit their official website at www.hikvision.com. For your local Edge Hikvision distributor, please check out the Edge Supplier Map!

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